New Cars vs Old Cars

Are you looking to purchase a new vehicle? Depending on your budget, a used vehicle might be a better option. One of the most popular vehicles on the road is the Toyota Camry, making it the perfect example to look at when comparing the cost to own a new car versus a used one. The sticker price isn’t the only thing that drives the cost of car ownership. Buying a car is a huge decision, especially if you’re not sure whether to go new or used. This graphic compares costs and benefits, helping you make a more informed decision when purchasing your next car. Delve into the yearly expenses for insurance, maintenance, registration and more in this infographic before making your next car buying decision.

Source: Wheels For Wishes


The Road To Fuel Efficiency

How fuel efficient are you? This infographic from Sainsbury’s Bank provides a number of tips that could help save money when driving. From the top fuel 5 efficient medium cars to a look at how fuel efficiency has developed over the past 35 years.

Source: Sainsbury’s Bank