The Ultimate Guide To Blackjack Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove some of the risk from a game of Blackjack? No, we’re not talking about counting cards here, we’re talking about Blackjack strategy. While you can’t guarantee a win every time, you can prepare yourself to make more informed choices on how to play your hand. If you use the strategy correctly, then each move you make should be the most likely to give you a win over the dealer.

If you’re new to Blackjack or Blackjack Strategy, then check out the below infographic to get up to speed on how to best play your hand in any situation. Using the chart is simple, on the left is the value of your hand and along the top is the value of the dealer’s visible card. Just look right of your hand and below the dealer’s to locate what move you should do.

You can print off a copy to have around for whenever you play, and unlike counting cards, using Blackjack strategy isn’t against the rules!

Source: Casinoonline.ie


Ava Rose

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