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Does Driving on the Right Contribute to More Accidents?

In ancient times, there was a “keep-left” rule that most civilizations seemed to follow. Going as far back as the Roman Empire and well into the middle ages, most wagons and horse-drawn carriages kept on the left side of the road. Despite the extensive history of driving on the left, modern society has taken a shift, and 166 countries now drive on the right, compared to just 74 that continue to adhere to the keep-left rule.

There has also been some research into whether driving on one side or the other contributes to more accidents. According to statistics, countries that drive on the right experience more fatal car crashes. United States, for example, has 111 road fatalities for every 100 million miles driven. Left-handed driving countries like Australia, on the other hand, see a much fewer share of auto-related deaths at just 50. Likewise, the UK, another nation that drives on the left, experiences even fewer fatal collisions at just 38.

It would be premature, however, to assume that driving on the right is somehow inherently more dangerous. There are multiple factors that can lead to a collision. Common causes include intoxication, texting, fatigue and poor visibility. Furthermore, studies also show that countries that drive on the right also have a greater percentage of motorists that engage in dangerous driving habits, such as cell phone use.

If there is any conclusion to be derived from the data, it is that auto collisions occur for a number of reasons, and more often than not, the cause has something to do with driver negligence, such as reaching for the cell phone or grabbing something from the glove compartment. Regardless of which side of the road you drive, the take-home message is the same: always be a cautious driver.

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4th of July – Now and Then

This summer, the United States celebrates a big birthday – 237! To commemorate this milestone, CheapOair has put together an Infographic that takes us back to colonial times, and dives a little deeper into the logistics of Independence Day. We took an in-depth look at population trends, first and foremost. Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence the United States has seen a population increase of 12,548%! That’s over 52% per year.

Ever wondered how long it would take to get to our top destinations in 1776? The predominant mode of transportation back in the day was horse and cart, travelling at an average speed of 8-10 miles per hour. This means a 3 hour flight from NYC to Fort Lauderdale turns into an excruciating 13 days. Forget about that 5 hour flight to Vegas – you’d be in that cart for 26 days! Almost a month! Let’s not forget about price, though. An average ticket to San Francisco today will set you back about $500. However, in 1776, you’d be spending a mere $17.25. Can you really put a price on convenience, though? Well maybe you can. In 2012, over $200 million worth of fireworks were imported from China to the US, many for Independence Day. Now that’s worth every penny!

4th of July - Now and Then

4th of July – Now and Then By CheapOair