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The Benefits of Recycling Ink Cartridges

Everyone always urges you to recycle your ink cartridges, but do you know why? This infographic explains the benefits of recycling ink cartridges — both for you AND the environment.

Cartridges remanufactured Via

What To Look For When Recruiting A Dynamics AX Project Manager

This infographic describing the attributes of a good Dynamics AX project manager was submitted by Cognitive Group, a Dynamics AX IT recruitment agency, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Infographic Downloads Up 525% According to Shutterstock

ShutterStock, the image and vector website have released the annual report into what was downloaded last year and what they predict will be big in 2013. It’s no surprise to learn that infographic downloads were up 525% for the year, plus general downloads of vectors and graphics rose dramatically as more companies use freelancers for their design work.

But enough spoilers already, here’s the data in it’s beautiful infographic form…

People like to download pretty things – who knew?

Thanks to the lovely people at Shutterstock for this infographic.

Fascinating Infographic Shows How CES Is Perfect For Pickpockets

If you like gadge then you’re probably counting the days until the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) returns. It’s Mecca for gadgets and often reveals what the year ahead will look like tech-wise. From Mobile phones and laptops to TV’s and games consoles every piece of upcoming gadgetiness is showcased and available for fondling. But there is a dark side to CES.

While most tickets are bought by gadge fans keen to catch a glimpse of the next generation of smartphone; a small portion each year are snapped by thieves. Think about it, CES is full of people who own high-end, expensive gadgets and they’re all being distracted by shiny new ones – the perfect scenario for pickpockets. Here’s a cool infographic all about it…

Mobile Device Management Infographic