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6 Great Ways to Claim Back Mis Sold PPI

Soo, today we have a new infographic from our friends over at PPI Claims Adviceline. It’s not what we’d typically consider to be an infographic as it’s not a visual representation on data or explanatory in any way… but it’s funny, and we like it so it get’s a nod from us!

The irony of no.2 is that getting the correct amount of PPI compensation from your the banks can sometimes feel like mission impossible!

How to Beat the Banks and Claim Back Mis Sold PPI

The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal has now dragged on for over 6yrs and is set to cost the banks in excess of £18billion! Millions of borrowers have already claimed back their premiums successfully but as recent reports have shown, many more are in danger of being scammed by their banks for a second time as they’re complaints are unfairly rejected.

The PPI claims team at PPI Claims Adviceline have now put together a step-by-step reclaiming guide for those who have yet to claim and those who have had their claims rejected by the banks.


PPI Claims Guide - Infographic

The True Cost of the Shadow Economy

The economy on the whole isn’t doing very well. We’ve seen consistent growth, but it’s been very small. Unemployment has dropped, but that’s largely due to increased numbers of workers dropping out of the workforce altogether. Consumer confidence isn’t very high either, but it’s not all bad news. The shadow economy continues to boom. That is the part of the economy that isn’t reported for tax purposes.

The shadow economy is estimated to be very small in the U.S. when compared with other countries. As you can see in the infographic, in the U.S., the figure only comes to 9.1% of GDP. Relative to Brazil, that’s a drop in the bucket. Their shadow economy totals 39% of GDP. That’s not the highest though. Russia comes in at 44%. Informal economies can cause devastating effects. The largest of these is on the governments themselves. The loss in potential tax revenue is valued in the billions and even hundreds of billions per country. It contributes to the large deficits that many of these nations find themselves in; although, taxing their informal economies wouldn’t be enough to fix the deficit outright.

The shadow economy has been a persistent part of culture since the birth of taxes, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Even in the darkest of economic days, it always finds a way to thrive.

This infographic was designed and created by Wallace & Associates APC – CPA, a certified Los Angeles taxation and accounting agency.

Payment Depot: Leveling the Playing Field

There are few industries on Earth more secretive than the credit card industry, so many businesses are in the dark about where their credit card processing fees go and why they’re so high. Even worse, few businesses realize they can have those fees lowered! Thankfully, this new infographic from Payment Depot explains how processing fees work and how they can be reduced – which means more profits for you!

The Road to Fuel Efficiency

How fuel efficient are you? This infographic from Sainsbury’s Bank provides a number of tips that could help save money when driving. From the top fuel 5 efficient medium cars to a look at how fuel efficiency has developed over the past 35 years.

This fuel efficiency infographic was brought to you by Sainsbury’s Bank.

Credit Card Ownership Statistics

Are you interested in numbers? Want to know interesting facts about people, living in the US? This infographic presents statistics about how many credit cards do the Americans have, how many college students possess at least one credit card… Also, you can find out how popular the rewards cards are. All infographic’s information was collected from reliable sources and was provided for those, who are interested in financial facts.


This infographic was provided by Mydebt24 company.

The Numbers Behind The PPI Claims Scandal

Everywhere you look, listen and read there’s a company trying to sell you PPI claims services, but behind all the marketing and press coverage is a set of facts and figures that defy belief. The number of jobs that the scandal has created is in the thousands, you’ll discover the how many of those annoying ‘PPI texts’ are sent to mobiles each day as well as the eye-watering amount of cash that claims companies have made so far – make sure you’re sitting down for that one! Let’s take a look…

This infographic was provided by The PPI Claims Company,

PPI Claims Infographic Reveals Eye Watering Facts & Figures

Make sure you’re sitting down because this PPI claims infographic, provided by, is about to take your breath away. We all know PPI claims companies were taking a chunk from payouts, but £875m?! Take a look…

ppi claims information