The History Of The PPI Scandal

Most of us have heard of the PPI scandal whether that be on the TV or radio, but it’s something that is often overlooked as people don’t think it is applicable to them or are just confused about the whole thing. In the infographic below provided by a PPI claim and advice website take a look at what’s actually happened in the whole scandal to give you some insight and a better understanding.

What’s interesting is how far back the scandal goes and just how much money was involved (£44,000,000,000)! If you think you might have paid PPI it is important you get this checked soon as there is a deadline for claims which is predicted to be around spring 2018.

Source: ppiclaimsandadvice.com

PPI history - Infographic


The Ultimate Guide To Blackjack Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove some of the risk from a game of Blackjack? No, we’re not talking about counting cards here, we’re talking about Blackjack strategy. While you can’t guarantee a win every time, you can prepare yourself to make more informed choices on how to play your hand. If you use the strategy correctly, then each move you make should be the most likely to give you a win over the dealer.

If you’re new to Blackjack or Blackjack Strategy, then check out the below infographic to get up to speed on how to best play your hand in any situation. Using the chart is simple, on the left is the value of your hand and along the top is the value of the dealer’s visible card. Just look right of your hand and below the dealer’s to locate what move you should do.

You can print off a copy to have around for whenever you play, and unlike counting cards, using Blackjack strategy isn’t against the rules!

Source: Casinoonline.ie



This Diagram Will Change How You Look At Country Economies

Here is a data visualization of country economies based on GDP. The way the diagram displays the data is through a circle which is divided into countries and then each country is divided again into 3 sections showing the economy of the country for manufacturing, services and agriculture.

The US clearly has the largest economy which is followed by China. The US economy is powered by its service sector with agriculture being a very small portion. When compared with China who have a much more even split between services and manufacturing. Services clearly lead most countries economy but how the rest of the economy is split is interesting.

Source: howmuch.net



So, What Are The Odds?

Author Ali Binazir has put together research looking at the odds of you, me, any of us being here today. It is interesting as you’ll find out that your life is dam worth celebrating!

Warning some of the numbers are pretty big!

Source: Visual.ly

What Are The Odds