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The Ultimate Parents’ Guide for Back to School

With school just around the corner, it’s always good to be prepared and help your child transition from summer vacation to regular school schedule. Make the transition as smooth as possible with this infographic from ezStorage.

If it’s your child’s first time ever attending school, you can help ease the change by adjusting your child’s bedtime two weeks before school starts and make sure that your child gets enough sleep before starting the day. You can also meet with the teacher to address any concerns you may have on your child’s first day of school.

Be sure to take a look at our list of helpful tips to help your child’s first day of school be a success.

Back to School Checklist

Consider self storage facilities from ezStorage

Retorical Fallacies

Ok… this isn’t the type of infographic that is normally accepted for publication on because it’s a little too ‘wordy’ for our liking, but i was sent a link to this via facebook and was intrigued by it – so i thought i’d share it!

It challenges so many assumptions that we automatically make and helps you to look at things from a different perspective.