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Want to Get Hired? Avoid These Resume Pitfalls

A generic resume will get you nowhere in the job market. Your resume would probably just be skimmed over like the hundreds of other resumes on the recruiter’s desk, or the hiring manager wouldn’t take a second glance at it. So, your efforts to land a job would be cut short early on in the game. There are many ways for your resume to keep you on the list of applicants under consideration and attract more offers for an interview. For instance, if you customize your resume for the particular job that you’re applying for, this will make it easier for the manager to choose your resume over all the other resumes. In their eagerness to create a job-specific resume, some  applicants go overboard and write the funniest things. Almagreta Resume Templates compiled some of the amusing statements that these job applicants included on their resumes.

Is Your Business Prepared for Smart Credit Cards?

Smart cards are coming, and these micro chip-based credit cards promise to lower fraudulent transactions around the world. But they also mean businesses have to upgrade their terminals, and businesses that don’t could be hit wiht $50000 fines! This infographic will tell you everything you need to know about smart cards, and how to avoid the big fines.

Smart Credit Cards are Coming

Multi Channel Ecommerce Solutions: Introduction, Advantages and Key Statistics

A multi channel ecommerce system has emerged as a bolt-on for businesses which are managing their online stores on independent platforms.

To increase your customer base and your revenues implementing a system which can save your time and integrate all the sales channels is wise step. Integration of all the retail channels offers you the freedom to manage all the stores from one common place. To target global set of customers, you have to choose the solutions which can provide you the latest functionalities.

This infographic, created by Syncline, provides a brief introduction and advantages of multi retail channel solution. Check out the statistics and learn more about the ecommerce trends.


Ideas for Small Business Marketing Budgets [Infographic]

Small business owners across the world understand that investing in marketing materials and services is a necessary expense to ensure future customers and revenue. Even with this knowledge, many small business owners ignore their marketing plans and budgets until all the money is doled out for the year. This needs to change if small business owners want to be intelligent with their expenditures and get the best ROI possible.

We have four main strategies that were highlighted in the infographic that have a different fit for small businesses at different periods of the business. The four budgets are:

  1. Dollar Approach – A simple budget style, yet less effective since it’s only a flat rate method
  2. Match Competitor – In this plan you’re trying to keep up with your competitor, it’s not the most scientific method and you’re only playing catchup
  3. Percent of Sales – This strategy starts to get a bit more accurate and bases your spending off of your annual sales, generally about 9-12% of sales.
  4. Marketing Plan Objective – This strategy is the best budget of the four, it’s the most accurate although the most difficult to implement. It involves breaking out your business goals and aligning marketing objective with them. Then you allocate budget to the objectives at the appropriate level.

The most important takeaway is that small businesses should do a more intelligent job planning their budgets for the year and aligning their marketing spend with their business goals. Budgeting can be one of the least fun parts of your year, but very necessary, and it will pay off in the long run.


Small Business Marketing Budgets


Infographic by Coastal Creative Reprographics

Work is Hell

More than half (56.5%) of workers are either completely overwhelmed or are barely meeting their deadlines. For them, work has become sort of hellish—a place where, despite their best efforts, people are slaves to fire drills, most of the day is dominated by email, and productivity is lacking. To discover the root of the problem and to learn which simple changes can transform work from “hell” to “hell yeah!” click on the infographic image below.

The Growth of Convenience – Visual Breakdown of The £35.6bn Retail Sector

This infographic, produced by field & experiential marketing agency Cosine, gives a visual breakdown of the £35.6bn convenience retail sector.

The graphic details the incredible growth and huge value of the sector, focusing in on two of the largest segments of the convenience retail industry, namely ‘Multiples’ and’Symbol groups”.

The growth of this sector is extremely impressive, and is set to rise to over £46bn in 2018.
It’s not surprising that brands are keen to increase their sales in convenience stores.



Employee Leasing: How to Relieve Your Employer Headaches

Employee leasing is a great staffing alternative, especially for small and medium-sized companies, as well as start-ups. Firms can hire and work with leased staff, employees from an external company called the employee leasing firm. Client companies simply pay the leasing firm a regular fee and the leasing firm handles the client’s leased employees’ salary, benefits, and paperwork. Aside from unburdening start-up companies and similar firms from HR responsibilities, employee leasing offers great advantages.


This method of staffing has been around for some time. Learn how leasing staff came about, what some of your leasing options are, and how you can benefit. Visit