The History Of The PPI Scandal

Most of us have heard of the PPI scandal whether that be on the TV or radio, but it’s something that is often overlooked as people don’t think it is applicable to them or are just confused about the whole thing. In the infographic below provided by a PPI claim and advice website take a look at what’s actually happened in the whole scandal to give you some insight and a better understanding.

What’s interesting is how far back the scandal goes and just how much money was involved (£44,000,000,000)! If you think you might have paid PPI it is important you get this checked soon as there is a deadline for claims which is predicted to be around spring 2018.

Source: ppiclaimsandadvice.com

PPI history - Infographic


Discover Morning Routines of 10 of the World’s Richest Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered what the morning routines are of the world’s riches entrepreneurs? Well now you can find out in the infographic below featuring big players such as Mark Zuckeberg and Simon Cowell. Something that seems to be a common trend in the routines are wake up early, 5AM – 6AM and before doing work, do some exercise. That be a jog or even a swim in the ocean like Richard Brandon (if only!).

Source: Dreams