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Consumer Psychology & The E-Commerce Checkout

How much do design, site speed, and merchandise reviews affect e-commerce checkout behaviour? Even more than you might believe…

Regarding general design, some 93% of people say visuals are the most influential factor in the purchase decision, according to vouchercloud.

Additionally, shoppers assess a product within 90 seconds to decide whether to purchase it.

Site speed also plays a huge role. If a page takes three seconds to load, 57% of online consumers will abandon the site; of those visitors, 80% will never return

Product reviews, also, influence online shoppers. Some 85% of consumers read reviews that are online for local companies before making a purchase. According to VoucherCloud, “Of those, 79% trust the reviews as much as a personal recommendation”

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The Lowdown on Biscuits

We hope you like this biscuits infographic which has some very fascinating stats on nutrition and optimum dunk time for your favourite biscuits.

It also presents some interesting results about which drinks people prefer to have a biscuit with and some impressive stats on the two main biscuit corporations as well as the most common biscuit related injuries!

Surprising facts include the fact that biscuits might have been made since around 10,000 years ago in China!  Surprisingly, you’ll also find that those in the UK eat a lot of biscuits (which they appear to like with their cup of tea).

Best read whilst eating a biscuit… obviously!!


The History of Link Building for SEO

Came across this one the other day and thought i’d post it as its relative to my interests. The timelines are not 100% accurate and for those, like me, who have been involved with SEO during this period, there’s a lot missing especially from around 2007-2010 where automated link building dominated the landscape. Either way, it put a smile on my face as it reminded me of my time starting off in the industry!


Courtesy of: Fat Joe


6 Great Ways to Claim Back Mis Sold PPI

Soo, today we have a new infographic from our friends over at PPI Claims Adviceline. It’s not what we’d typically consider to be an infographic as it’s not a visual representation on data or explanatory in any way… but it’s funny, and we like it so it get’s a nod from us!

The irony of no.2 is that getting the correct amount of PPI compensation from your the banks can sometimes feel like mission impossible!

Retorical Fallacies

Ok… this isn’t the type of infographic that is normally accepted for publication on because it’s a little too ‘wordy’ for our liking, but i was sent a link to this via facebook and was intrigued by it – so i thought i’d share it!

It challenges so many assumptions that we automatically make and helps you to look at things from a different perspective.





How to Beat the Banks and Claim Back Mis Sold PPI

The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal has now dragged on for over 6yrs and is set to cost the banks in excess of £18billion! Millions of borrowers have already claimed back their premiums successfully but as recent reports have shown, many more are in danger of being scammed by their banks for a second time as they’re complaints are unfairly rejected.

The PPI claims team at PPI Claims Adviceline have now put together a step-by-step reclaiming guide for those who have yet to claim and those who have had their claims rejected by the banks.


PPI Claims Guide - Infographic

Work is Hell

More than half (56.5%) of workers are either completely overwhelmed or are barely meeting their deadlines. For them, work has become sort of hellish—a place where, despite their best efforts, people are slaves to fire drills, most of the day is dominated by email, and productivity is lacking. To discover the root of the problem and to learn which simple changes can transform work from “hell” to “hell yeah!” click on the infographic image below.

Pot Smokers – Why are they so Skinny??

Ok… so i came across this one whilst browsing through the other day, and just had to put it up on here because of the title!! We get quite a lot of inquiries from webmasters asking for us to publish their infographics and unfortunately, most are rejected as they simply don’t have that ‘x factor’. This one makes the cut because a) its visually pleasing to look at and b) i loved the title (haven’t you wondered the same??)

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a pot smoker and i’d never condone or recommend smoking anything… but well done too the guys at Diets In Review for the infographic.


Pot Smokers: why are they skinny

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Exploring Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complex mental illness that resembles a cluster of symptoms from various other illnesses. To make matters more complicated, there are several different types of schizophrenia featuring what are termed as positive or negative symptoms. This means that some of the effects are outwardly noticeable and “active,” such as hallucinations and delusions, whereas some are only noticed through the absence of normal functionality, such as catatonia or mutism.

This infographic seeks to introduce the newcomer to the topic of schizophrenia by offering an easy to digest overview of the illness as a whole. If the reader is curious, he or she may visit to learn more about schizophrenia and find a way to get involved.

Employee Leasing: How to Relieve Your Employer Headaches

Employee leasing is a great staffing alternative, especially for small and medium-sized companies, as well as start-ups. Firms can hire and work with leased staff, employees from an external company called the employee leasing firm. Client companies simply pay the leasing firm a regular fee and the leasing firm handles the client’s leased employees’ salary, benefits, and paperwork. Aside from unburdening start-up companies and similar firms from HR responsibilities, employee leasing offers great advantages.


This method of staffing has been around for some time. Learn how leasing staff came about, what some of your leasing options are, and how you can benefit. Visit