About Us

Behind the scenes here at Graphic Mayhem are a team of visual data lovers and designers. We come from different backgrounds and countries to collaborate and bring you the best the internet has to offer in infographics.

Why did you setup Graphic Mayhem?

Good question! We setup Graphic Mayhem due to the sheer amount of infographics that were going around that we felt held little value. Infographics are effective when used correctly, but over recent years there has been a tendency to use infographics for pretty much anything. We aim to filter out all the crap and provide you with the cream of the crop.

What do we love?

We love infographics that show us how to do things, that show us data in an easy to digest format. Infographics are meant to be visual, if you’re using lots of text then maybe you should have wrote an article, not put it into an infographic. To get an idea of things we love just check out our posts!

I want to speak to you!

Oh really? Well you best go here then.