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Author Topic: The PlayGround Ultimate for SMF 2.x  (Read 257 times)

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The PlayGround Ultimate for SMF 2.x
« on: August 08, 2009, 02:22:56 AM »
    PlayGround Ultimate By Shortie

    Finally "PlayGround Ultimate" has been released Based on the original PlayGround theme it now contains over 25 colour variations, performance enhancements in the dock operation and a number of layout tweaks to make it even smoother and sleek. 

    All the icons have been re done to ensure a consistent look "n" feel across all schemes additional icons have been added to accommodate the following functions / mods

    The Rules

    Resulting in over 500 icons all colour coordinated and consistent in design

    PM Notification is achieved via a changing of Dock Icon indicating that new posts are available.

    It still has a fully fluid design and will validate against XHTM standards to ensure compatibility across all main stream browsers (testing has included the use of the following browsers - IE 8 and 7 - Firefox 3.5 - Opera 9.64 - Safari  4.0 (530.17).

    Via a number of simple edits the look can be customize further to make it even more unique and flexible to your needs.

    So please emjoy and post any comments or suggestions.

    The Techy Bit

    In order to use this theme you require some basic knowledge of FTP and intermediate SMF administration skils. This has mainly arisen due to the size of the Theme (Approx 20MB)

    Installation Instructions

    If you have previously installed any of the earlier PlayGround Themes it would be best practice to uninstall it first ensuring that any any files edited are backed up for reference so that after the Ultimate version has been installed you can transfer the edits you have done to the Ultimate Theme - the two main files are (Index.template.php and BoardIndex.template.php) - NOTE - you must uninstall all of the Playground mods (Download Icon etc) if used as they will give you errors in the future in not uninstalled

    Okay now the fun bit

    Download the package and extract to a known place on you hardrive

    Once extracted - navigate to the the files and you will find a directory called "UpLoad_EveryThing_Below_Here" change to this directory and upload all the files to you site the target location will be /YOUR_FORUM/Themes/ so that it would look like this once the upload has taken place /YOUR_FORUM/Themes/The_PlayGround_Ultimate

    Now the last stage

    Log in to you forum and go

    Admin > Themes and Layout >

    And from the options provided -  near the bottom there is one called

    "From a directory on the server:" leave all the text in place but append to the end the following "The_PlayGround_Ultimate" so that the input box looks something like the following


    Click install and away you

    I have tried to make this as easy as possible but if there are any issues let me know


    For any support issues please use this Thread

    Thank You, "Guest" For Reading My Post.



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