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Author Topic: PlayGround Ultimate - Adding Icons  (Read 336 times)

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PlayGround Ultimate - Adding Icons
« on: August 09, 2009, 02:50:39 AM »
Okay Guys n Gals

This is long winded topic but should cover all you need to add extra icons to the PlayGround Ultimate Theme - for this tutorial we are going to use the Rules Mod but the process will work with any Mod which works via an Action or URL (note most Chat links use and external URL)

Icons available are

admin.png            arcade.png      buddies.png      cal.png        chat.png
contact.png         download.png   favs.png          forum.png    friends.png
gallery.png           help.png          home.png         login.png     login1.png
logout.png           logout2.png      members.png    moderate.png      pm.png
pmsome.png        profile.png        quiz.png           reg.png        rules.png
search.png          video.png

Now we need to decide what the URL is when you navigate to the mod - so set you theme to the SMF Core just for yourself


Profile > Look and Layout > Change

Once you have clicked change select the "SMF Default Theme - Core" Theme this is because as Mods as designed to work with the Default SMF Theme

I love this ability to put images inline :D

Now once the default theme as loaded you should see the button for the mod you want to add an icon for (in this case The Rules mod)

Now click the Button created by the mod and look in the address bar of your browser and note the latter part of the URL in this case "?action=rules"

Okay on to the fun bit of actually adding the icon - again the simple if you follow these steps and do not rush :D

Download a copy of the index.template.php from the Playground Ultimate theme - open it in any good code editor (if you need one the Google is your friend) Note you can use notepad if you are using Windows but it can mess upp the file on odd occasions DO NOT USE SOMETHING LIKE WORD AS THAT WILL SCREW THE FILE

No once the file is open do a search for the following

Code: [Select]
function template_dock_menu ()
This is the code which does all the menu work and I have kept is condensed so that life is easier for you Guys n Gals

Now we need to construct the dock item and assign a function to it - the code we need in this case is as follows - The pieces to note are in RED

echo '
     ?action=rules"  >rules.png" alt="' . $txt['gmrules'] . '" />' . $txt['gmrules'] . ' ';

Now save the file and upload it to your server

Nearly there one more thing to do, we need to tell SMF what the text is to display under the icon - so now download the ThemeStrings.english.php file which can be found in the languages folder of the Theme

edit the file again and add a line similar to the following

$txt['gmrules'] = 'Rules';

This will now tell SMF what text to put under the Icon

Now up load the file to your server and that is it all should now be working if for some reason it is not displayed then the server file cache needs to be flushed to do this go

Admin > Forum Maintenance > Routine

and at the bottom of the page click the button to empty the file cache

Voila all done

We can of course take this further by assigning permissions to the icon so that it shows only to people who have the right - but we can address that on a per mod basis - also if you want to change the order of the icons then that can be done in the same manner just but reordering the code in the "function template_dock_menu ()"

 sshot-7683.png (10.85 kB, 439x118 - viewed 181 times.)
 sshot-7685.png (30.43 kB, 422x297 - viewed 173 times.)
 sshot-7686.png (9.05 kB, 401x118 - viewed 163 times.)
 sshot-7687.png (3.25 kB, 435x43 - viewed 172 times.)
 Untitled-1.png (412.46 kB, 600x600 - viewed 199 times.)
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Re: PlayGround Ultimate - Adding Icons
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2009, 06:41:54 AM »
from where can i downlod icons and where is add button option


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Re: PlayGround Ultimate - Adding Icons
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2009, 06:45:10 AM »
The icons are already in the stuff you have uploaded - that is why it is soooooooooo  Large and of course it is the Ultimate :D:D:D

I am getting you correct there is no add a Dock item it has to be done manually

If you can zip up the playground ultimate Index.template.php and upload it here and tell me which icons / mods you want it to work with then I will have a look and do the manual edits

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Re: PlayGround Ultimate - Adding Icons
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2009, 03:43:51 PM »

Good job :)

I search Wiki  icon to the PlayGround Ultimate Theme :)

Thank's for help :)

Have a nice day.



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