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ACS 1.3.3 Release Announcement - 3 February 2009
« on: February 03, 2009, 02:15:18 PM »
    Advanced Control System V1.3.3

    Graphics Mayhem are proud to announce the release of Advanced Control System V1.3.3 By SoLoGHoST - There are extensive updates and new features added - read the synopsis below to see what is now available.

    The large format look and feel of Advanced Control System- This layout has the provision of customised text as the title where you can display system information such as :
    • Multiple Time Formats
    • Multiple Date Formats
    • CPU
    • RAM
    • Remaining Battery %
    • Up-time
    • Time Delay

    Here is a screen image of the small layout of Advanced Control System - This offers the same functionality as the Large but occupies a smaller footprint for those of you who are short of sidebar space


    If you previously downloaded versions 1.2.8 and/or 1.2.9, I have deleted these version because of a bug in ACS that didn't allow users to add shortcuts of a gadget nature other than Toggle Top shortcut option.  This has all been fixed in Version 1.3.1!  All apologies for the inconveinence this may have caused you!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please backup any ACS Style files that you have saved within the Gadget's root path before updating to version 1.3.3.  If you do not backup your .acs files, they will be overwritten upon installing ACS 1.3.3.

    Control your System with 10 System Button Actions (Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Switch User, Lock, Hibernate, Sleep, Task Manager, Run..., & C-Prompt) all within a click.  Time Delay and Stealth Locking features put you in total control!

    This Gadget is 99.9% customizable including both style and function.

    An enormous amount of possible user interfaces that you design yourself from already made images.
    Important:  How to manually remove the Stealth Locking feature when Gadget-Proof is enabled: 
    Browse to: C:Users\[Profile]\AppData\Local\ACS and delete the file named: acs.dll
    C = the Hard Drive in which you have Windows Vista installed on.
    [Profile] = Your Windows Vista Profile Name (the screen name that you use to log on to Windows Vista with).
    Once the file is deleted, close the ACS gadget in the Sidebar and start a new one. Lock should be disabled.

    What's New in Version 1.3.3

    Improved Speed of Settings when not adding/deleting Shortcuts.
    30 Skins Added - 5 Orbmu2k's Skins and Skins by SoLoGHoST.
    6 More Sliders Added by Shortie/The Dude.
    Total of 10 Styles to choose from within the Styles folder.

    This fixed the limited amount of Shortcut Key Combos that was found by storing the shortcuts within a variable via the Gadget's Settings.  Seems there is a limit on the amount of characters that variables in Gadget's Settings can hold.  This was fixed by storing the shortcuts in a file called, "shortcuts.acss" within the gadget's root directory instead of in a variable in Gadget's Settings.

    This adds the ability to enter in filepaths for folders that you want to open via Shortcut Keys.  While version 1.3.0 will allow this, the next time you open up settings and click on OK, it will not do it again.  So this actually fixes that problem.  Although I haven't originally thought of Folders as a possible Shortcut Key Combo, now this is possible.  All you have to do is copy the path from Windows Explorer and input it into the filepath bar, or type it in yourself.  For Example: C:\Program Files will open up your Program Files directory.

    Oh, and just so you are all aware of this feature, you can also type web addresses (urls) into the filepath for the System Shortcut Type.  This will open up your default browser and point to that url.

    Fixed a Bug found in versions 1.2.8 and 1.2.9.  Seems that the gadget Shortcut type was only adding Gadget Types of "Toggle Top".  All fixed now.

    Did some fine-tuning within the settings, organizing variables a bit, changed the Headers for Drop Down Menus using instead of the css styling on it.  Made it easier to see what keys are available in the shortcut key drop down
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