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Signature Image Rotator 1.9
« on: November 24, 2010, 01:32:09 AM »
Signature Image Rotator 1.9


Languages Supported:
Gives your members the ability to add multiple images, within their profile, generating a URL for them to use for their signature, or even their avatar.

Detailed Description:
Gives your users the ability to have a rotating signature image, uploading their own images. You know, like the one's you see when users post in a topic and you reload the page and it's a completely different signature image.  How do they do that you may have asked yourself.  Well, it's a piece of cake that you can now offer to the members of your choice at your simplemachinesforums.  Users upload (via their profile) as many images as the Admin allows (in settings) and then adds the generated url path, to the Signature area.  This will generate a random signature image, on every post by that user, based from the one's they uploaded in their profile.  They can add as many images as you specify (0 = unlimited image uploads) and/or delete images that they created based on the permissions you allow for that group.  They can also add the generated URL as their AVATAR URL as well, and anything else that requires an image url.  Deleting a user account on SMF also deletes all of their Signature Images and the URL automatically.  ALL images Uploaded gets converted to either .PNG, .JPG, or, in the case of animated GIFs that do not exceed the Max Width and Max Height, No conversion is necessary and will remain in .GIF format so as to not take up too much space on your server.
After installing this package, there are 2 places that need to be enabled before it will work...
1. You will be redirected to the first page after installation, located at:  Admin -> Features & Options -> Signatures
2. Then you will need to go to Admin -> Members -> Permissions and make sure Allow Access, and Add are selected for all User Groups that you wish to allow access to this feature.  If you want to allow deletion of own images, you can place a checkmark in here also.  If, at any time you don't want these user groups adding and/or deleting images from their own signature image urls, then you can disable this feature for this group by unchecking it.

IMPORTANT:  Disabling the Signature Image Rotator does not disable the Image URL that has already been  generated.  So if you want to disable the URL's that have already been generated you'll need to go inside that users Profile -> Forum Profile and click on the Delete All Images Button, then "Yes", which will delete all of the images and the directory URL of where the images are stored (this will completely disable the image URL and will not work ever again).

Uninstalling this MOD will completely remove Signature Image Rotator, thus rendering all image urls ineffective and the sigs folder will be completely removed as well as all images within it.
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