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PM Attachments 1.5
« on: September 07, 2010, 03:31:33 PM »
PM Attachments 1.5;sa=view;down=138

License Information
By downloading and/or using this MOD you agree to adhere to the following conditions for all versions of the PM Attachments MOD:
  • Copyright info & links must remain intact!
  • You are FREE to use this MOD on your SMF Forums in any way you see fit, however, in no way can the Author/Creator of this MOD be held responsible under any circumstances.
  • Again, You understand that this MOD is provided "as is" and the said Author/Creator will not be held responsible for any use and/or misuse of this MOD by any and/or all members on your forum(s).
  • You are FREE to redistribute this MOD in its original, released state ONLY, and can not accept any form of currency for this package.

Supported Languages: SoLoGHoST, Bugo
For SMF 2.0 RC1-1, RC1.2, RC2, and/or RC3!
Gives your members the ability to attach files via Personal Messages.

Brief Description:
This will allow users to send Attachments via PM.  Based from the same code used to display Attachments via Posts, cept now it is completely Private and Secure.  Admins can delete PM Attachments based on age, size, username(s) from or to, reported attachments from, and/or how many times all recipients have downloaded/viewed it.  Admins can also delete ALL PM Attachments with a click of a button.  Choose multiple folder paths, file types allowed, file size for each attachment, or all attachments as a total, and more.  Secure - Only allows recipients and the from member to be able to see attachments, all other members will get a NO ACCESS error!  Even the Admin(s) will NOT be able to view/download any attachments that have not been sent to, or from them.  Reporting of Personal Messages to an Admin will also send any attachments in that message to them as well.  As this is the only way the Administrator can know if you receive content from any PM Attachments that is unwanted, or breaks the Terms of Use Agreement at your forums, etc..  So please encourage your members to use this feature if such a situation were to occur.  Refer to pics for more details on this MOD!

Important Note:  To ensure PM Attachment Settings are correctly placed and loaded, you will be redirected so that your File Cache will be cleared, directly after installing PM Attachments.  After which, go to: Forum -> Attachments and Avatars -> PM Attachment Settings and complete setup.  Than make sure you have your permissions set for each usergroup.  You will notice the permissions for PM Attachments have been added to the Personal Message Permissions.


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