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Category View 2.1
« on: September 03, 2010, 12:29:48 AM »
Category View 2.1;sa=view;down=90

Example Site: Smokey's Security Forums

MOD TYPE: PACKAGE (should be installed via admin -> Download Packages -> Upload Package)
REQUIREMENTS:  SMF 2.0.x Installed!
What's new in Version 2.1
*Fixes width of the Last Post column in the vBulletin Layout, indefinitely, that is displayed on the Main index.php page of your forum.  In order to do this, BoardIndex.template.php had to get a major face-lift, while still maintaining the actual default appearance of SMF.  While the default SMF Theme (BoardIndex.template.php file) has already been edited for best appearance of all 3 layouts, you should edit any of your other themes, that you offer to your members, by editing the BoardIndex.template.php file associated with that theme.

This update also fixes all column widths and layouts on the index page so that different Category Layouts on the main page will not effect the appearance of the layout.

Also, now able to set the character cut off limit within Subs-BoardIndex.php at around line: 242, and will adjust the Last Post column widths accordingly...
Code: [Select]
$row_board['short_subject'] = shorten_subject($row_board['subject'], 28); Category View, once installed will change this from the default 24 to 28 as you see it in here.
As of Version 1.1 - Included the JUMP TO: Drop Down box when viewing the Category.

Creates a Category page listing all boards in that category.  Accessible from index.php?category=[category id].  All links throughout SMF that point to a category will now point to the Category Page instead of the index page (for instance: index.php#c2 is what is happening before you install this MOD, index.php?category=2 is what will happen after installing this MOD).  This will load a whole different page, listing all of the boards and child boards in that category.  Includes the Jump To: dropdown box in the bottom right-hand corner as is shown when viewing boards and topics.  3 Layouts to choose from:  vBulletin, phpBB, and SMF.  Admins can set each of your Categories to have separate Layouts from within the category itself.  Category layouts get updated inside the Category itself and on the main index.php page.

Someone requested that I make this MOD, so here it is!  Had a ton of fun in the making of this MOD also.


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