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New Feature - Post Ratings
« on: October 24, 2009, 10:30:20 PM »
Hello, just wanted to let everyone know that my newest MOD Post Ratings is installed here at GM.  For those of you who are creating posts and/or topics, you should now see an option in Additional Options... (For Topics - Enable Post Ratings in topic., For Posts - Disable Rating in this post.), please be weary.  Just thinking that this isn't a mandatory feature for all topics, so now thinking perhaps Shortie, can you go into the Admin Settings for Post Ratings and select All Topics (Disabled) (This will not delete any ratings for posts that have already been rated) just once and click on Save/Update, and than we can all go into the topics individually and enable the topics we need enabled for this.  That way we don't have every topic here enabled for rating posts.  Also, could you uncheck Automatically Expanded in posts option, that way we don't see it unless we want to give it a rating.  Ofcourse, this is just my opinion on this, if you think all topics should have it enabled by default, no probs, it's your call bro.

Just want everyone to know, if you are commenting on a graphic design, please disable post ratings within that post as it's not needed for a comment.  As this was made so we can rate designs/graphics that others made and/or help that we offer to people here at GM.

Any comments/feedback on this is always welcome.  I just re-coded this just after Shortie installed it here with the ability to Collapse the ratings option in posts that have already been rated by that user, so as to not annoy any users by showing them their rating for posts they have already rated, unless they want to expand and change their rating.

Thank You,
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