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The Growth of Convenience – Visual Breakdown of The £35.6bn Retail Sector

This infographic, produced by field & experiential marketing agency Cosine, gives a visual breakdown of the £35.6bn convenience retail sector.

The graphic details the incredible growth and huge value of the sector, focusing in on two of the largest segments of the convenience retail industry, namely ‘Multiples’ and’Symbol groups”.

The growth of this sector is extremely impressive, and is set to rise to over £46bn in 2018.
It’s not surprising that brands are keen to increase their sales in convenience stores.



Pot Smokers – Why are they so Skinny??

Ok… so i came across this one whilst browsing through the other day, and just had to put it up on here because of the title!! We get quite a lot of inquiries from webmasters asking for us to publish their infographics and unfortunately, most are rejected as they simply don’t have that ‘x factor’. This one makes the cut because a) its visually pleasing to look at and b) i loved the title (haven’t you wondered the same??)

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a pot smoker and i’d never condone or recommend smoking anything… but well done too the guys at Diets In Review for the infographic.


Pot Smokers: why are they skinny

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