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The Nuvaring Birth Control Device

The goal at The Driscoll Firm, P.C., is to seek maximum compensation for defective drug and medical device victims and to make the world a safer place. As part of their mission, they strive to inform the public about risks that have been linked to different medical products such as the NuvaRing birth control device.

The following infographic provides information about this device from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) as well as, a website that monitors adverse events reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The information is provided solely for educational purposes.

What To Look For When Recruiting A Dynamics AX Project Manager

This infographic describing the attributes of a good Dynamics AX project manager was submitted by Cognitive Group, a Dynamics AX IT recruitment agency, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Private Water Supply

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of taking your water supply off mains and tapping into groundwater to power your business or home? This handy graphic gives you all the benefits of utilising borehole water, the applications of it and how much you’d be likely to save if you were to utilise a borehole. Using Dales Water Services Ltd in house data and government statistics the graphic looks at the costs of mains water vs borehole water and the potential payback period involved should you decide to invest.

According to DEFRA (a UK government body) 84% of farms are still using mains water supplies so are yet to invest in a borehole and benefit from cost savings as well as a more reliable pressure in rural locations. By educating the end user, partly through this infographic, Dales Water are aiming to help business owners, farmers and even single dwellers realise the potential of groundwater for them or their business.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Private Water Supply

The Benefits of Having Your Own Private Water Supply – An infographic by the team at Dales Water Services Ltd – Private Water Supply and Borehole Drilling Specialists